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Your organisation will benefit by creating an inclusive workplace which taps into a diverse range of skills, experience and talents, and supports the wellbeing and mental health of all your people.  Here are some of the ways we can help you achieve this:  



If you do not have the resources to recruit a diversity and inclusion manager, or you need extra support in your HR team, we can provide consultancy, project management and initiative implementation support. We can work on long-term projects or deliver immediate quick turnaround support. The projects can also focus on the D&I element linked to wider engagement, wellbeing, resourcing, recognition and development strategies.

Inclusive Recruitment

We carry out end-to-end recruitment reviews, produce action plans and implement the changes. This can help highlight improvements on legal compliance, identify barriers for people from diverse backgrounds, remove unconscious bias, review the salary package negotiations, explore the 'maternal/parental' wall to hiring and promotions, as well as recommending how to take steps to become an employer of choice with candidates and improve the talent attraction.

Flexible Working

We work with organisations to champion flexibility and help create a flexible working culture.  We design best practice flexible workings policies, practices, tool-kits, staff/management guides and training.  Our work includes support with job design, work-life balance, remote working, wellbeing and effective working.  We also provide a flexible working request service to working parents and carers.


We provide coaching packages for parents and parents-to-be. Supporting people throughout the parent transition, enabling them to plan and effectively hit the ground running on their return to work. We enable people to manage a successful transition back to work, to develop their careers and create a positive family work life.


We provide skills development and training for managers and employees on a range of diversity, equality, inclusion and wellbeing practices. From unconscious bias, inclusive recruitment to supporting parents-to-be, understanding the needs of carers or effectively dealing with conflict. Our work raises awareness of the true meaning of inclusion, and encourages people to think differently.

Conflict Resolution

Incidents of conflict and difficult relationships can have a serious impact on people's wellbeing and mental health. In collaboration with specialist mediators, we offer workplace conflict resolution interventions. This includes mediation services, 1:1 coaching on personal style, team conflict resolution and management training.

Mental Health

We support organisations to embed mental health best practices in the workplace and take steps to destigmatise mental health. We also campaign on various issues including post-natal depression, suicide prevention, and alcohol and drug support.


We support people and organisations to implement wellbeing initiatives and create a holistic approach to wellbeing. This includes the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, mindfulness, building resilience and positive living, helping to boost engagement and happiness levels.

Employee Networks

We can set up employee networks or groups which can be a key mechanism for driving change and making a difference. The networks can focus on gender, working parents, carers, disability and more, or we can run intersectional groups. Our groups can bring people together to provide a safe space to share ideas, raise awareness of challenges and provide support to each other.

Polices, Toolkits and Guidelines

We review, create and advise on diversity, inclusion, equality and wellbeing policies and practices to ensure they are fit for purpose as well as comply with legislation. We produce helpful toolkits and guidelines for managers and employees helping them to be effective in areas such as working with flexible working requests, understanding family friendly practices, supporting people with mental health conditions, making reasonable adjustments and dealing with holiday requests and time off.

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