Audit and Accreditations

Next Steps To Creating An Inclusive Workplace

Where do you start with your diversity and inclusion strategy? What are your current issues and needs for you? Have you implemented lots of activities but are unsure of their impact or next steps? How do you benchmark against other organisations in your sector?

This may also benefit your organisation by identifying areas where you can improve engagement, innovation, recruitment and retention levels, as well as mitigating reputational damage, address skills gaps and lack of talent or avoid litigation.

The audit is a tool to recognise your strengths and areas of improvement, showing your where progress is and is not being made. The audit will Identify and diagnose barriers to building an inclusive workplace and put forward recommendations.

We will identify a clear purpose for conducting the audit and it can range from a desk top review to a full review, and could include:

  • Review documentation and policies linked to diversity and inclusion
  • Review the recruitment process
  • Review the training and development practices
  • Analysis of data linked to equality and diversity
  • Review current D&I activities and initiatives
  • Review internal (HR) processes and practices
  • Review the values, core competencies and behaviours
  • Advise on best practice
  • Pay gap audits linked to gender and race
  • Ensure the organisation is compliant with equality legislation
  • Conduct employee interviews, stakeholder interviews and focus groups
  • Carry out internal and external surveys

We will provide you with a comprehensive profile and summary of your organisation, giving you a clear indication as to what level your organisation is currently operating at based on diversity and inclusion indicators with a report outlining:

  • What you are doing well, strengths, areas to celebrate
  • What you could be doing better or more of
  • Areas of concern, risks or issues requiring urgent attention

In addition, we can produce a diversity and inclusion strategy with a supporting operational plan.

Diversity and Inclusion Accreditations

We can advise on completing external diversity and inclusion accreditations such as Disability Confidence, Race for Opportunity, Working Families and Stonewall Workplace Equality Index.

As part of our audit process, we can identify the relevant accreditations, as well as completing the research, data collection and forms to enter the accreditation.  This work can also be carried out as a separate project(s).